A Little Bit About Me

I’m Victoria and I’m an experienced, professional Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, Baby Massage Instructor, Baby and Children's Reflexology Instructor and Mum of two.

My Background

I completed a Psychology BSc degree before moving on to fulfill my lifelong dream to study holistic health and wellbeing, including various forms of bodywork and facial treatments. I started out in a leading UK spa in 2008 before forming part of the first elite therapist team for Liz Earle Beauty Company in Chelsea, London - providing unique and bespoke holistic treatments for the mind and body.

Since 2010, I have built my own successful business and have lovingly created my range of treatments and classes. Over the years, I have completed diverse post-graduate training in advanced massage and reflexology techniques.

Since pursuing a qualification in Abdominal-Sacral Massage several years ago, my work has primarily focused on working with the abdomen to address digestive, stress and fertility related concerns through the gentle touch of massage. This then lead me to support women holistically in their pre-conception preparation (both natural and assisted), through pregnancy and then of course post-natally, along with their babies!

Me Profile

Babies and Children

Since 2016, I have been passionately working with parents and babies in Baby Massage and Baby Reflexology classes and more recently with toddlers and older children too; drawing upon my wealth of expertise to provide fun, relaxed learning and support with incredibly nurturing massage and reflexology techniques.

To create a happy little baby, parents need care and attention too. If you are looking for time to yourself to meet your own needs, I provide a range of nurturing treatments in our beautiful tranquil space, set in the Surrey countryside.

My two young children enjoy their own daily massage and reflexology treatments. This provides a wonderful bonding experience for us all, as well as supporting their vital physical and emotional development.

I support gentle parenting practices and this blends seamlessly between my personal life and the nurturing techniques I teach to you for your own children. I am passionate about my work and thoroughly enjoy meeting new and diverse people, providing guidance and sharing in their experiences.

My Commitment to the Planet

  • Recycleable Packaging

    Gift Vouchers and their packaging are fully recyclable and recycled materials are used wherever possible. Treatment oils and Happy Little Baby Massage oils are stored in glass bottles to be recycled, re-filled or even better, reused as a pretty vase!

  • Organic Massage Oils

    I choose the very highest quality products for you. All treatment oils and Happy Little Baby Company massage oils are organic, unrefined and certified by the Soil Association.

  • Cruelty-Free

    It is really important to me to choose ethically sourced, cruelty free products, both personally and professionally. You can be assured that all of the products and oils used for your treatments, The Happy Little Baby Company baby massage oil and even the washing products used for your towels are certified cruelty-free.


  • Psychology BSc (Hons)
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Baby Reflex Instructor
  • Toddler Reflex Instructor
  • Children's Reflex Instructor
  • Infant Massage & Shiatsu Instructor
  • Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Abdominal-Sacral Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Maternity Reflexology

Continuous Professional Development

I regularly attend seminars and courses and like to keep up with research regarding positive touch, infant development, natural health, natural fertility and effective techniques. Some of the training and courses I have completed include:

  • The Role of Maternal Mental Health on Infant Development
  • Reflexology for Supporting Conception
  • Nutrition for Women’s Health
  • Advanced Reflexology Training
  • Acupressure & Meridian Massage

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