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Baby Massage Online Classes

  • Suitable for babies 6 weeks to crawling
  • 6 week course
  • Learn techniques to support your baby's physical development
  • Learn a specific digestion routine
  • Taught by a qualified and experienced massage therapist & Mum
  • Make new friends with other like-minded parents
  • Online Course fee: £55

Upcoming Workshops:

  • TBC: Please contact me to hold a virtual course for you and your friends!

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What to Expect from Happy Little Baby Massage Classes

Massage is so much more than a luxurious experience. It is a tool for supporting your child's physiological and emotional development, health and wellbeing.

To grow into kind, well-adjusted adults capable of maintaining healthy relationships, babies need a lot of affection and response to their needs. Positive touch in the form of gentle massage forms a large part of this. Learning simple, effective techniques to draw upon for your young baby paves the way for a lifetime of trust, love and healthy connections. It also empowers you to become tuned in to your baby in order to meet their needs.

Massaging your child builds connection and releases tension in you both. Positive touch supports the development of your baby's brain and body systems and stimulates the release of endorphins. These incredible hormones reduce pain and help to create a happy little baby!

It is important to remember that while classes are for pre-crawlers, the techniques are for all ages! Once you have learned them, you can adapt the treatment to suit your unique child as they grow and develop. If your child is older, you can book a private one-to-one class either online or in-person.

During our 6 week course, you will learn how to confidently work with your baby, using specific massage and shiatsu techniques. You will gain a range of tools, including those that are used with massage oil and others that are carried out over your baby's clothes.

We will cover the benefits of the techniques, how to safely treat your child, when not to treat and learning to read and respect your baby’s cues.

Your own wellbeing is an important aspect of the class and each session includes the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas in our themed discussion topic.

Classes last 60 minutes, each with a different theme that is key for baby’s development.

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One-to-One Private Baby Massage Classes

Learn a range of massage and shiatsu techniques in bespoke private classes for just you and your baby. This is also a lovely option for two parents to attend together with their baby. Private classes are currently available online. Please contact me for availability.

Private classes are ideal for younger babies, particularly if you have a specific concern (such as colic for example) and would like to start working with them early on. You may be concerned about attending a group class if your baby is unsettled so a private class should mean both you and baby are more relaxed. They are also suitable for older children up to 3 years. Your private class/classes will be tailored specific to you to address your key concerns. Usually a minimum of two classes are recommended to gain greatest benefits, to review changes and adapt techniques accordingly.

  • Suitable for babies and toddlers
  • 1 hour class
  • Taught by a qualified and experienced massage therapist and Mum
  • Techniques tailored to you and your baby
  • Address concerns such as digestive complaints or enhancing bonding
  • £40 per class

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To book your place on the next course, please complete the registration form. Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the course fee.