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Baby Massage & Baby Reflexology Classes

Combining 12 years' experience, a whole load of passion and a few things I have learned as a mother of two, to bring you a choice of unique parent and baby classes. I teach you these special techniques to support you and your baby's development in Godalming, Surrey.

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Baby Reflexology

Learn how to use specific reflexology techniques for your baby's feet to help with a range of concerns. Class themes include sleep, wellbeing & digestion.


Victoria Fitter

Hi, I'm Victoria! I am passionate about sharing the skills I have accumulated over the years, to help you work with your little ones to support their development and enhance your special bond.

Baby Massage

Learn to confidently work with your baby using bespoke massage & shiatsu techniques. Including gentle stretches, relaxation & specific routines to aid digestion.

"I most enjoyed the section on relaxation, as well as meeting other Mums. It was nice to have a different way to interact, not just playing."

"We really enjoyed our classes and have been doing it daily ever since."

"It has been lovely to learn some bonding methods and has helped relax baby before bed. I also enjoyed the cake!"

"I mostly enjoyed learning about which parts of the foot correspond to the body and tips to support the digestion. Victoria is a lovely teacher. The sleeping & calming techniques really relax my little girl."

"After the classes, I have the confidence to carry out techniques at home and noticed fast results, especially with the digestive system! The handouts from each class were very clear and simple to use."

"My favourite part was the class on wellbeing and I enjoyed the opportunity for the babies to interact with each other. My baby had calmer, better sleep after using the techniques."

"We really enjoyed the classes and found the techniques really useful and calming. It was especially great to promote some 1-1 bonding time for busy mums."

"Victoria's baby reflexology class is very comprehensive and easy to follow. We felt so relaxed and I now have the confidence to practise it at home. It was a highlight of our week. "

"I most enjoyed learning tips to calm and support digestion".